Beyond Sound Studio - Fresno's recording, mixing, and editing studio.

We are here to serve you, we will work around your schedule, 24/7, rain or shine.

Audio Recording

Record vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, live drums and any other instrument comfortably in our recently re-furbished and acoustically treated live room.

The live room is the place for you to shine.  It can accommodate solo artists to full sized bands.   

The control room is the central nervous system of the operation.  This is where we stitch, mix, and solidify all your talent to the perfection you desire.

Dave recording vocals



Want that pitch perfect vocals, exact note picking guitar solo, or transform an average drums set into a massive pro kit.

Well come have your tracks sounding their best with our outstanding editing techniques. 

Vocal Editing


Blend all the elements of your project into a cohesive well balanced masterpiece.

How you ask?

With our experienced audio engineers and vast audio software.  We can give you endless possibilities that are beyond sound.

Mastering stereo tracks
acapella group recording
- Traditional and new miking patterns
- Whole band simultaneous tracking
- One on one tracking
- Punch-in recording
- Overdubbing
- Half-speed recording
- Analog mic pres, EQs, and compressors
- Operating on Pro Tools based systems
- Real-time effects and tuning
- Full radio commercial production
- Microphones for every job
- On call studio musicians
- Vocal coaching
- Two in house 6-piece drum sets
  (birch and maple)

Pro Tools mixing

- Track clean up and noise reduction
- Cross-fading, fade-in, fade-outs
- Time adjustments/nudging
- Pitch correction
- Variable notch and shelf filtering
- Copy and paste
- Drum replacement
- Sound Design and FX
- Guitar amp and cabinet modeling

Mixing console view

- Independent or sit-in mixing sessions
- Panoramic positioning
- Frequency equalizing
- Complete automation control
- Multi-band compressing
- Parallel compression
- Digital and analog signal processing
- Stereo Widening
- Frequency spectrum analyzers
- Phase oscilloscopes
- Peak and RMS metering
Mesa amp recording

Drum recording session

Bass tracking session

Controller mix view

Acoustic guitar session

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